13th National Conference on
Machines and Mechanisms

Day 1 Wednesday, 12 December 2007
8:00-9:00 Registration and Coffee
9:00-09:45 Inauguration
About the Conference
9:45-10:30 K. Lakshminarayana Memorial Lecture - by Prof. Bernard Roth (Stanford University)
10:30-11:00 Coffee/Tea
11:00-12:00 Paper Session I A1- Aerospace mechanisms Paper Session I B1- History/Review
12:00-13:00 Interactive Poster Session
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Paper Session I A2- Compliant Mechanisms 1 Paper Session I B2- Mobile Robots
15:30-16:00 Coffee/Tea
16:30-17:30 Paper Session I A3- Mechanics Paper Session I B3- Spatial Kinematics

Day 2 Thursday, 13 December 2007
8:00-9:45 Registration and Interactive Poster Session
9:45-10:30 B. M. Belgaumkar Memorial Lecture by Shri. N C Bhat (ISAC ISRO)
10:30-11:00 Coffee/Tea
11:00-12:00 Paper Session II A1 Design Paper Session II B1 Compliant Mechanisms 2
12:30-13:00 Product showcase session
13:00-14:00 Lunch
14:00-15:30 Innovation session
Presentations by
1. C. Amarnath TePP
2. Dr. M. Ramesh BEST Institute, Bangalore
3. Mr. Chinzah Lalmuanzuala National Innovation     Foundation, Ahmedabad
4. N.Chandrashekhar - DC Enterprises, Bangalore
15:30-16:00 Coffee/Tea
16:00-17:30 Paper Session II A2 Dynamics and Controls Paper Session II B2 Planar kinematics
19:00-21:30 Conference Dinner